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Neuter Later for a Stronger Life

I have been advised by several different veterinarians over the years to neuter a male dog before one year of age. I am rethinking that advise after researching the subject and observing our own dogs. The age and developmental stage of a dog when neutered directly affects the potential for joint disease and the dog’s muscularity. Dogs need strong muscles to have proper support. I did not understand the need for testosterone to complete muscle development in male dogs. I have been blindly following ...

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Insightout's Foundation Dog Food Recipe

Supplements We give Fresh Factor tablets twice daily at mealtime.  We also use Fresh Factor as a treat to sneak in some training.  This supplement is a staple at insightout.  Fresh Factor is like a multivitamin, but much better.  It contains yeast culture, bee pollen, liver, chondroitin sulfate, kelp and biotin. Fresh Factor provides the raw food factors necessary for a dog’s optimal health. It is available through Springtime, Inc. Food We grind, mix and freeze ...

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Flying Olde English Bulldogges

It is always easier on a puppy to be hand delivered if possible.  Sometimes hand delivery is simply not a workable situation. We have safely flown numerous puppies to their new homes without incident. We generally ship our puppies through Continental Airlines from Tyler, Tx.   Tyler Pounds Field is a small regional airport with service from only two airlines, American and Continental.  American Airlines has a permanent embargo against flying any brachycephalic (short-nosed) dog breed ...

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Good morning & happy Sunday. Friday was a VERY interesting day! When we got up it was SNOWING!!!!! The snowflakes were the size of nickels & dimes. Snow is very special for Texas. As soon as it got light I could see the precious little puppies were quite taken with the snow.  They were romping & playing trying to catch the large snowflakes.  Well... there was nothing to do against it but to grab the camera & play in the snow with them -- I was 25 minutes late for work! ...

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Doggie Diarrhea

Jamie and Stacey Gillis picked up Taylor, a.k.a. Klea, from insightout on Saturday.  The happy family headed home in anticipation of the exciting holiday season with their newest family member.  Jamie called the next morning and relayed that Taylor had diarrhea.  He explained Taylor had three normal stools until the early morning hours and the next two stools were loose but her stools had become liquid. It was Sunday and he was a concerned parent with a new puppy and didn’t know ...

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