Interdigital Cysts in Dogs

An Easy, Effective, Inexpensive Treatment


Interdigital cysts are not really cysts at all.  The interdigital eruptions that sometimes appear between a dog’s toes are boils that are technically called furuncles. 

The painful nodular lesions that erupt between the interdigital webs of dogs are usually caused by a deep bacterial infection.  These lesions or boils are most common in dog breeds with short bristly hair.  The short hairs get traumatically forced backward into the hair follicles causing an infection. Alternatively, the lesions can be caused by some kind of foreign material, like grass seeds, embedded in the skin between the toes.  The latter is not as common.

This painful condition is difficult to cure and is typically treated with lengthy rounds of antibiotics.   We haven’t had much success with the repeated 4 to 6 week rounds of antibiotics therapy. 

Our beloved Uno was not a breeder because she was riddled with many common aliments of the bulldog breed.  We battled interdigital cysts for most of her life.  We sought treatment for this condition from several veterinarians, Texas A&M and even a doggie dermatologist.  We spent hundreds of dollars seeking relief for Uno’s multiple, painful nodules to no avail.

I stumbled upon the easy inexpensive cure for this condition while visiting a friend at the nursing home.  A very seasoned farm girl with 90 years of country cures experience simply advised me to treat the boils morning and evening with Preparation H.  I was skeptical because I had tried everything else, but I felt I had nothing to lose. It worked!

Preparation H was the easy, inexpensive miracle treatment that brought happy, healthy feet to our sweet Uno.

Plain & simple:

Preparation  H effectively treats interdigital cysts.








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