Good morning & happy Sunday. Friday was a VERY interesting day! When we got up it was SNOWING!!!!! The snowflakes were the size of nickels & dimes. Snow is very special for Texas.

As soon as it got light I could see the precious little puppies were quite taken with the snow.  They were romping & playing trying to catch the large snowflakes.  Well... there was nothing to do against it but to grab the camera & play in the snow with them -- I was 25 minutes late for work!

By afternoon it was 58 degrees, sunshiny & gorgeous. Again I grabbed the camera I took wonderful pictures contrasting the extreme Texas weather changes. I was sooooo enthralled in my documentary that I failed to notice that my sweet, little, darlings had broken a blue glass canister full of rice in the pantry.  All five puppies had eaten raw rice & blue glass shards for a mid afternoon snack.

My delightful day had turned tragic. The glass would perforate their intestines and stomach lining – a potentially lethal & an impending death sentence for each of them. Oh my... the contrast of the extreme cold to warm weather was a foreshadowing to the extreme healthy to deadly scenario playing out for the babies.

Dr Don was unavailable so I search the web groping for answers to save the little ones. Low & behold,. Christmas had ushered in a host of websites addressing dogs/puppies. breaking & eating glass ornaments. Each of at least a dozen websites showcased at their beginning a quiet simple but very effective remedy that has been saving dogs since the 60's.

Simply take cotton balls (100% cotton balls - not cosmetic balls or pads which have synthetic fibers) tear them into pieces (1-2 balls for under 10 Ibs - 3-5 balls for 10 -30 Ibs - 5-7 balls for over 50 Ibs) soak the tom cotton balls in 1/2 &1/2 & feed them to the dog. The cotton fibers encapsulate every sharp foreign object in the dogs system whether it is glass or splintered bones or anything else that could perforate their system allowing safe passage through their stomach & intestines.

Their poopy is really weird looking with the cotton fibers. You have to examine the poop for blood or tarry appearance - a bit of a bummer.  But it was worth it as I also happily discovered the blue glass slivers wrapped in the cotton fibers rendering all five puppies safe & out of harms way. We dodged bullets & snowflakes on Friday!

I wish I had known this when Emmett swallowed the open safety pin & we spent $600.00 having it removed via endoscope at Texas A&M in 2002!

I realized I need to send this not only to you but to JT, your family, my family & my friends to arm them with the knowledge to possibly save their beloved companions should the emergency arrive. Pass this on to all you know who have pets.

Love & snout kisses from the farm -xoxoxoxoxxo




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