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We proudly announce the newest addition to our insightout family.  

insightout family and friends please welcome:

Before 2014 swiftly slips into 2015 we wanted to close our year by sharing delightful news from Jamie and Stacey announcing the arrival of their second beautiful daughter.  Jamie and Stacey are also proud parents to Sydney's big sister Cameron Skye and her fur brother and sister, Gibson & Taylor.  

insightout OEB family connect:

 Taylor was born to insightout's Blue Moon and insightout's Tess in October  2011.

November 24,  2014

Hi Guys!

It’s been a little while but we thought you might like to know we’ve added another member of the family. Sydney Campbell Gillis was born at 6:11pm on Friday [November 21, 2014] and her and Mama are doing great.

As was the case when we brought Cameron home 20 months ago, Taylor is in full “Mama” mode – she’s Sydney’s full-time protector. We thought you’d enjoy seeing a few pictures.

We are doing great and Gibson and Taylor are so great with Cameron (and now Sydney) Cam and Taylor have a special bond and are inseparable. We hope all is well and wish you all the best for the Holidays.


Jamie, Stacey, Cameron, Sydney, Gibson, and Taylor

Cameron and Taylor 

Sydney and Gibson                                                                                                     Cameron loving Taylor






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