Olde English Bulldogge Puppy loved in Florida and Texas

Bama’s (a.k.a.. Malloy) journey to Joe brought his folks, Jean & Ray Tracy, to insightout for a visit.  Jean and Ray live in Austin and were close enough to make the trip. The visit was most enjoyable for all of us. Not only did Jean and Ray gift us with their blessing and kind words, but also gave us a beautiful gift of appreciation.  I so love that these puppies allow us to brush lives with such wonderful people we would not have otherwise met. We proudly share Jean’s thank-you.

Everything about you and your puppies are top notch. From the drive there, to the entrance of Insightout, it was an amazing experience. I've told many today about your puppies and our experience. We will continue to sing your praise; our son Joseph is a happy young man. He is taking tomorrow off to make sure Bama Malloy is adapting to his new home and to introduce him to his vet. You made our experience, the best, thank you.  I never wanted a puppy until I came to Insightout,.....you rock! Thank you!

Joe meets Bama at the airport

Something special came through from the start.  Joe’s first email was a good connection.  Over the course of many more emails and phone calls the match was made.   Bama  is one lucky puppy.

Thank you Joe.

I recently lost my dog of 9 years to kidney failure last year, and I'm just now feeling prepared to get another companion... I’ve wanted an Olde English Bulldogge for a long time and have seen many, but until I saw Malloy, none really jumped out as the one that I thought would be perfect for me... I think he is the one… I already feel a connection with Malloy.

… My mother will be coming to your kennel this weekend, she is being a mother and wants to come see the dog and make sure everything is on the up and up. My father is a retired military veteran (30 years)  You will be able to talk to my mother and get a feel of the type of morals and values that were instilled in me. Ask anything, I’m sure she will have many questions as well...lol......

I feel good about purchasing my dog from Insightout kennel, you have been more than helpful and very attentive to all and any of my concerns, and I really appreciate that. You can never be too sure when trying to buy anything over the Internet, especially a dog. This is all a new experience for me… I feel good about this, and I’m very excited to get Malloy home. He will be treated like a king...:) Thank You,,,,

We welcome Joe and his folks, Jean and Ray, to our insightout family




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