Preparing for Pork Chop

An Olde English Bulldogge Puppy's New Home.

One of the joys of raising Olde English Bulldogges is placing them in Happy Homes.  Sharing our extended insightout family allows for all our puppies and their families to be closer and connected with each other.  Pork chop, a.k.a. Brody, will be the baby brother to four-year-old twin sisters, Ariel and Nicole.  Ariel and Nicole will come to insightout  on Tuesday to pick up Pork Chop.  They are very excited and so are their parents, Tunde and Jeff.  Nicole and Ariel sent Pork Chop this precious drawing of the three of them together.  The family has spent much time preparing for Pork Chop's homecoming.  They have shared with us their journey to make ready for their new family member. 

Tuesday after 5 pm sounds great! Thank you for the information about Porkchop (Brody) . Can't wait to give him a big hug. The girls have an extra bed set up for him in their bedroom in case he wants to sleep there. The whole upstairs is an open playroom gated at the top of the stairs and the bedrooms doors are open so we can have easy access between the girls and our bedroom. He will enjoy the big daybed where the girls love lounging. l must admit its been a lot of fun preparing for him. It will be something the twins will always remember including bringing him home! Hope All is well,  
see you all next week. 
We welcome the Devitt family to insightout!
Meet Brody's family
Tunde, Jeff, Ariel and Nicole




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