Rizzo aka ZeeZee

Thom Riemersma

Dorr, MI

October 10, 2011

Quick update on Rizzo (Zee Zee). Everyone is loving on her.

She is doing much better. CooCoo Bean (aka Makala) has been playing with her outside and loving on her like big time. She is playing more and exploring a lot more. She managed going up the stairs for the first time yesterday. She was quite fascinated when she realized we have a small peach faced parrot. She's heard her but once she saw the bird she was very interested for a long time. I've decided to work from home today and plan to take her out for a car ride and exploring a little. Maybe up to the rocket football games tomorrow if still playing. It has been rainy the last 2 days. She's not too happy about the wet grass under her toes :)... 

Wanted to thank you for your patience and all the information.

Cheers, Thom





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