The Happy Adventures of insightout's Olde English Bulldogge

puppy Sash A.K.A.. Tazer - Her Happy life in South Carolina


It is always a joy to receive an update from an insightout bulldogge family.  A lot of you keep up with your extended bulldogge families and have inquired as to how this little princess is doing.  

The Baker's give the best update on Sash!


Hi! Happy New Year!

I wanted to send you some pictures of our beautiful girl, Sash. I can't even express how special this little girl is to our family! She is so happy, sweet, sassy and playful! The kids adore her and she does everything with them. This weekend, my husband got about 30 round bales of hay for our cows. After he unloaded them, the kids started jumping from bale to bale. Sash was determined to get up there too, so she ran, jumped, and scaled to the top of the hay! The kids bounced around with her chasing them. By the time I tried to get a video....they were on the sand pile digging castles! (Sash was of course digging, too!)


We absolutely LOVE her!!


Best wishes and a huge "thank you" from The Baker's in South Carolina! You guys are first class breeders!


We are very proud and appreciate the update.

Your delight is exactly why we breed the wonderful Olde English Bulldogge companion.

Thank you !




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