Christmas Day at Insightout 2011

Christmas Day began with the usual early morning greeting of bulldogs slipping into bed with us one at a time.  When the snuggly bulldog love got too crowded we got up and took the dogs for an early morning walk in the drizzling rain.  The multi-colored Christmas tree lights sparkling brightly through the sleep porch windows created an awesome contrast against the grey, wet weather.   Bright, warm festivities with family on the farm were the plans for the day. 

We enjoyed long Christmas phone visits with family far away, hot chocolate, orange cranberry bread and puppies playing with new toys.  Just as the farm was waking up and cranking up to the magic of Christmas the electricity went out.  After the initial panic and acceptance of the inconvenience we decide to just relax and enjoy an old fashioned Christmas.

Aladdin lanterns and candles lit the Christmas spirit throughout the house.  The wood burning stoves not only kept us warm and toasty but they also provided ‘blow drying ‘ for wet heads, mulled cider and hot Christmas stew.  We enjoyed games and story telling by the fire.  The electricity malfunction cratering our phone system and setting off the fire alarm added excitement and unexpected socialization for the puppies when the volunteer fire department arrived.

With the family headed home and the electricity back on we finished up our Christmas merriment in the art studio editing a couple of pieces of artwork together.  We played good old rock albums on the turntable beginning with The Who in tribute to Blue Moon’s namesake, Keith Moon.

The sentimental nature of the day conjured up good feelings and pleasant memories of the people and events of 2011.  Through insightout Studio & Kennel we linked our lives with many new people.  Our puppies found safe, comfortable, loving homes and we’ve enjoyed getting to know their families.

Christmas Day was a delightful day.  2011 was a memorable year.  We look forward to more happy times at insightout in Twenty Twelve. 

Happy New Year




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