Connecting with Prospective Puppy Owners

Insightout Kennel Offers Their Perspective on
Connecting with Prospective Puppy Owners
Despite the Distance that Separates Them

Insightout Kennel owners describe how they use a three-part puppy
placement approach to bring a distant family as close as possible.

Frankston, Texas (PRWEB) January 25, 2012

Insightout Kennel is currently placing their latest litter of Olde English Bulldogge puppies in new homes. Because their puppies have been placed in homes around the world, the owners of Insightout Kennel are sharing their orientation and communication strategies with prospective puppy owners who may want to know more about their kennel and their placement process.

Buying a puppy long distance can be a reality for many families searching for the perfect companion. At Insightout Kennel, Dave and Bobbye Bolestridge utilize a three-part puppy placement approach to bring a distant family as close as possible.

The Bolestridges want prospective families to enjoy a visit to Insightout and get to know them despite the constraints of distance. Dave explains, “Our website provides an introduction, information and insight into our facility, our philosophy, our care and our standard for raising Olde English Bulldogges.”

Bobbye adds, “The interactive kennel blog also allows our puppies’ families to be a part of our family.” Dave continues, “Once contact is made, emails and phone conversations provide a more personal format for a mutual ‘get to know you’ period. Both Insightout and the prospective family gain comfort and confidence through person-to-person communication.”

Dave says, “The third aspect of bridging the distance gap lies in Insightout’s commitment to continued support after a puppy has left Insightout and integrated into a new home.” Dave and Bobbye maintain that they strive to stay connected through the kennel blog and emails where questions can be answered and information exchanged.




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