Insightout Studio & Kennel Offers Fresh Perspective on Breeding

Conscientious dog breeders say their top priority is to
partner with their dogs to breed happy, healthy puppies.


Frankston, Texas (PRWEB) September 01, 2011

Insightout Studio & Kennel is a unique small business situated on a 13-acre farm in deep East Texas. The kennel has welcomed two litters of puppies this summer and is ready to match them with their future homes.

The kennel is owned and operated by Dave and Bobbye Bolestridge. As conscientious breeders, their first priority is creating a partnership with their dogs to ensure success. This is a unique approach among breeders whose primary goal is to raise healthy, happy puppies and to place them in homes that will offer them a lifetime of fulfilling companionship. They breed and raise Olde English Bulldogges, which is a re-creation of the historic breed that existed in England in the early 19th century. Bred to exhibit a milder temperament and overall better health than many other bulldog breeds, it is capturing the attention of prospective bulldog owners.

“Our dogs aren’t just part of our business, they are part of our family,” Bobbye said. “The goal of our breeding program is to produce a wonderful companion that can enjoy life without painful genetic defects. We strive for quality Olde English Bulldogges so that we can better the breed and share these outstanding companions with others.”

Bobbye and Dave designed and built the kennel themselves to create a warm and spacious home. Rather than using a customary cinder block and concrete approach to construction, they blended a cabin style structure with the natural surroundings. From Insightout’s perch on the side of a wooded hill in East Texas, the dogs have a tree house view from their aerial platform. The dog deck also houses four kennels with access to climate controlled rest areas.

To ensure the health and welfare of their dogs, the Bolestridges’ provide climate controlled housing in all areas, mister fans in the outside yards, separate elimination yards, cross-fencing and individual kennel facilities for the necessary separation of the dogs. Dogs at Insightout also benefit from ample acreage for generous shaded runs and a professional kennel kitchen where raw food is prepared and served.

“When we decided to build the kennel, we knew we wanted to create something special, something unique” Dave said. “We custom built a comfortable, safe home with the needs of the dogs in mind.”

New puppies are housed in a feeding/whelping kennel adjoining their home. There are two separate nursery kennels to accommodate the changing needs in puppyhood. As they grow, puppies are potty trained, crate trained, hand socialized and taught basic obedience.

“We want to raise the healthiest, happiest puppies possible,” Bobbye said. “We learn each puppy’s personality so we can achieve this goal.”

Part of their success comes from matching puppies with the right home. To help facilitate that process, the Bolestridges’ offer a payment plan to help any loving family have access to a puppy.






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