For Fear and Anxiety

The Thundershirt Really Works

Emmett has always been afraid of thunder and lightning, gunshots and fireworks.  His anxiety during a thunderstorm has kept us up many, many nights.  Emmett's noise anxiety issue is so severe that he has uncontrollable  trembling  and heavy panting for hours at a time.  Anytime the skies start to rumble we turn on music or the TV in an attempt to drown out the troubling noise.  

We are not ones to buy gimmicky type products.  When I first saw a Thundershirt display in the pet store  I chuckled to myself, shook my head and commented to the lady next to me, what will they think of next.  After the next big thunderstorm I found myself reading the Thundershirt product package at the pet store in  desperation to find something to give Edog relief (and us too for that matter.)

The Thundershirt's simple solution to canine anxiety uses gentle, constant pressure for a dramatic calming effect. Dr. Temple Grandin and other experts believe that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system. Using pressure to relieve anxiety has been used for years, from parents swaddling an upset baby to pressure shirts and weighted vests to relax and focus, pressure addresses and solves a wide variety of issues.

The light weight, soft, breathable, tee shirt type fabric wrap is well designed to provide a secure, comfortable snug fit.  The Thundershirt can be comfortably worn for extended periods of time .  We have also used the Thundershirt when trimming toenails and watching firework displays.  The Thundershirt is an amazing product that really works.


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Paige Jones

April 4, 2012, 6:27 pm

The Thunder Shirt really does work wonders! When we brought Harper home from insightout he was very nervous. This was expected as he had never been away from home this long before and for older dogs (2yrs) it takes a bit longer to adjust. This was a new home, new climate, new everything and Harper was very unsure of his new surroundings. He showed the typical signs of an anxious pooch, panting, trembling, and being on edge. We knew that in time Harper would get use to his surroundings but in the meantime we wanted to make him as comfortable as possible. I called Bobbye to let her know how he was doing and that he was having anxiety. She and Dave recommended the Thunder Shirt. I had seen commercials on the Thunder Shirt and like the Bolestridge's I at first figured it was just another gimmicky product. However, because they had such great success while using the product with Emmett I figured I'd give it a shot. The Thunder Shirt works wonders! Harper showed immediate relief. He stopped panting, pacing, and trembling and just seemed more at ease overall. I even took videos of him with it off compared to when he had it on and the difference is undeniable, the shirt works! For anyone experiencing anxiety and fear in their pups I say definately try out the Thunder Shirt. Also a BIG thanks to Dave and Bobbye for recommending the shirt and blessing us with a wonderful Bully Son :).



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