Snake Bite: SimpleTwo-Part Solution to Protect Your Bulldog



Several species of snakes enjoy the lush, green paradise of East Texas as much as our Olde English Bulldogges.  Last spring we had five snakebites to four bulldogs.  We are thankful that even though multiple bulldogs have been bitten by snakes, we have never lost a dog to a snakebite.


It is a fact:  No snakes, no snakebites


Although many products on the market today claim to keep snakes at bay, we have not found any magic solution that actually works.  It is the fear and paranoia of snakes, not the actual success from the products, that keeps people buying. 

Mothballs and chemical snake repellents do not work and contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to you and your bulldog. 


The most effective way to protect your Olde English Bulldogge from snakebites is to:  

1. Clear the snake friendly environment  

2. Get rid of the snake food supply.

This two-part solution is not the quick fix answer most are seeking, but it is the only successful solution we’ve found. 


Keep your property consistently mowed and clear any snaky areas like compost piles, wood piles, rock piles, weedy flower beds or any other area that would provide cover and shelter for snakes. 

Mowing also provides a much better place for your bulldog to live and play while also reducing the habitat of other insects and pests. 

Reduce the snake food supply.  Mice and gophers are top choice on the menu for snakes.  Eliminate these rodents and snakes will disappear.

Peppermint is a natural deterrent for mice.  Mice hate mint, but mint is an invasive plant that easily and quickly takes over everything. Planting peppermint in containers controls the growth.  Peppermint oil is an alternative to growing mint.  Simply saturate large cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them in the corners of rooms, garages and sheds.  The whole area should smell of peppermint.

You need to repeat this application several times to rid your home of mice.

Peppermint oil also helps calm bulldog anxiety due to loud noise such as thunderstorms and fireworks.  Apply a few drops of peppermint oil to your bulldog’s paws during the next event that triggers anxiety.  We have had great success calming a stressed bulldog pairing peppermint oil with the Thundershirt.


1. Keep your environment mowed and clear of inviting shelter and cover for snakes.

2. Eliminate the snake food supply.

These two simple solutions require work and time, but are successful.






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