Insightout's Foundation Dog Food Recipe


We give Fresh Factor tablets twice daily at mealtime.  We also use Fresh Factor as a treat to sneak in some training.  This supplement is a staple at insightout.  Fresh Factor is like a multivitamin, but much better.  It contains yeast culture, bee pollen, liver, chondroitin sulfate, kelp and biotin. Fresh Factor provides the raw food factors necessary for a dog’s optimal health. It is available through Springtime, Inc.


We grind, mix and freeze a raw meat mixture about every three weeks.  We feed a large ice cream scoop of the raw mix on top of a measured portion of Taste of the Wild commercial grain-free dog food for each dog.

Our Raw Meat Mix

1 - 10lb box Force  - a dehydrated grain-free and gluten-free dog food.

4 large cans plain Pumpkin

6 cans Jack Mackerel

4 cans green beans


Divide the Force into two large bowls and mix according to directions.  Add half the 2 cans pumpkin, 3 cans jack mackerel (I just use my hands & squish up the fish into flakey pieces) and 2 cans green beans to each bowl.  Mix it up.  When both bowls are mixed well let it stand so the Force begins to absorb the liquid.  The goal is for the mixture to have the consistency of loose pudding.


Raw Meat

40 lbs. of raw chicken necks

10 lbs. of raw beef liver (ask your butcher to slice it)

10 lbs. of raw chicken gizzards


If hamburger is at a reasonable price we will add 10 lbs (for canines do not use the really lean hamburger that you would use for yourself - a 73/27 or equivalent with the high fat content is best)

1/2 the ground meat mixture goes in each bowl of Force mixture. Mix it altogether (I just use my hands to mix it all up).  Transfer portions into 2 quart ZipLoc freezer containers.  Freeze it. 

We have Force by Honest Kitchen delivered regularly to our home through Only Natural Pet Supply.   We also ordered canned green tripe by the case and have it delivered as well. 


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January 8, 2012, 7:22 pm

We switched from raw feeding to only using dry food for a while during our move last year and we saw a HUGE difference in the dogs. We switched back to the raw feeding as quickly as we could swing it because it is so obvious once you've done it, how much better it is for them. Not only do they feel better, but their teeth are cleaner, their coats are better and MUCH more.



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