Flying Olde English Bulldogges

It is always easier on a puppy to be hand delivered if possible.  Sometimes hand delivery is simply not a workable situation. We have safely flown numerous puppies to their new homes without incident. We generally ship our puppies through Continental Airlines from Tyler, Tx.   Tyler Pounds Field is a small regional airport with service from only two airlines, American and Continental.  American Airlines has a permanent embargo against flying any brachycephalic (short-nosed) dog breed with no exceptions.  Continental’s PetSafe program accepts bulldogs with certain restrictions.

- Bulldog puppies that are between 8 weeks & 6 months old weighing less than 20 lbs are accepted any time of the year.

- Adult bulldogs or bulldogs over 20 lbs and/or older than 6 months are restricted from flying anytime between       May 15 – Sept 15.

- From Sept 16 - May 14 bulldogs will be only be accepted as long as the forecasted temperature anywhere along the itinerary is 85 degrees F or less.

Continental Airlines charges a flat rate based on weight intervals of the dog plus crate and 40 cents a pound surcharge for federal tax, fuel and security. 

Generally, a puppy and crate weight under 50 lbs can be shipped anywhere in the US for about $350.00.  Price includes shipping, crate and vet health certification.  Price increases for older puppies that exceed 50 lbs total weight of dog and crate.

All commuter Continental flights leaving from Tyler, TX must go throuh Houston, TX (Continental’s hub) first to board planes to the final destination.  We always book the shortest possible route for a puppy. 

We crate train our puppies to make the flight less stressful and give the puppy a “safe haven” for the transition into a new environment.  Toys, treats or food are no longer allowed in the crate for choking prevention.  We include a blanket or towel that the puppy and littermates have slept with to provide the security of the smell of familiar territory.  We do not bath our puppies two days before a flight and recommend not bathing them for two days after arrival for the same reason.  Their own scent provides comfort during the critical transition period from our home to yours.

In order to book a flight for a puppy we must have your name, address and phone number.  You will be required to show a photo I.D. to pick up the puppy at the airport.

Your puppy will arrive with temporary puppy registration papers.  After you have decided on a name to register your puppy you will send for the permanent certified registration certificate ($20.00).  We recommend also spending an addition $15.00 for a 3 generation pedigree with your certified registration certificate.




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