Kennel Emmett's Tale Contract Ethics


We agree that the purpose of breeding Olde English Bulldogges is to consistently re-produce healthy, athletic Olde English Bulldogges that will be a valuable member of the family and possibly contribute to the continuous improvement of the Olde English Bulldogge.

A thorough knowledge and understanding of the Olde English Bulldogge standard, temperament, and movement, is critical to the continuing improvement of the Olde English Bulldogge.

We agree:

  • Not to practice inbreeding (Brother to Sister, Half brother to half sister, Father to Daughter, Mother ┬áto Son)
  • Only to breed excellent examples of Olde English Bulldogges that fall within the breed standard.
  • Not to breed females before 18 months of age nor before their second heat.
  • Not to breed males before 12 months of age.
  • Not to breed females on three consecutive heats.
  • To scrutinize the pedigree & conformation of both the sire and dam, keeping in mind the ideal for the breed before entering into any breeding arrangement. We have an obligation to refuse the breeding if, in our opinion, it is not in the best interest of the breed.
  • To refrain from using a dog that, although free from serious or disqualifying defects, consistently produces afflicted puppies.
  • To breed dogs to improve the breed.
  • No stud dog will be knowingly bred or sold to anyone, be it an owner or handler that is directly or indirectly involved with any puppy broker, puppy mill or litter-lot sales, or any other commercial enterprise whose business is involved with such activity.
  • No puppies will be knowingly sold to franchised commercial facilities, puppy brokers, puppy mills or agents thereof. That no dog will be offered as a prize in any form of raffle, contest or like activity. That no puppies shall be sold in litter-lot sales.
  • No animal will ever be sold for any illegal reasons (I.E. dog fighting, baiting, etc.)
  • To keep accurate breeding records and retain those records for a minimum of 5 years. These records will include: stud & breeding contracts, pedigrees, all litters produced and all dogs/puppies sold.
  • To never knowingly falsify a registration or misrepresent a pedigree.
  • All advertising will be honest, not misrepresentative, fraudulent or misleading.
  • To only support and conduct ethical trade practices with all services, sales, or transfers mutually agreed upon, stated in writing and signed by all parties involved.
  • To maintain the highest standards of canine health, cleanliness and care.
  • To furnish accurate records to each buyer.
  • We will provide proper socialization for all my dogs and puppies and interact with each daily.
  • Not to release any puppy until it is at least (7) weeks old nor ship puppies via air transportation prior to 10 weeks of age
  • We will help and educate the potential clients as to the basic characteristics, both physical and mental, of my breed to assist in determining if it is the right breed for them.