Puppies in Paradise

Puppies in Paradise

A View Inside insightout Kennel & Studio



insightout entrance I came to Paradise a skeptic but left a believer. When I first delved into the Internet world of well-bred Olde English Bulldogges, the array of choices overwhelmed me. Based on geographical considerations, I narrowed the choices and settled, finally, on a kennel near Tyler, Texas called insightout.

Let’s just say that the road to insightout is not exactly a super slab. As I traveled from Austin to rural East Texas, I wondered what waited at the end of my trip. I’d visited several kennels in the past that were not quite what they appeared to be on their websites. As I neared my destination, I already felt slightly frustrated over the possibility that this time would be the same. Turning into the entrance I was reassured.

insightout kennel and studio Built to take advantage of the sheltering East Texas pine trees, insightout is a small working farm. A neatly fenced garden, fruit trees, a delicate asparagus bed and a pen of browsing goats create a scene of harmony. Beneath this quiet hum of activity I soon discovered a professional and compassionate puppy paradise.

The owners of the kennel, Dave and Bobbye Bolestridge, welcomed me. Artists as well as breeders, their studio and kennel reflect their dual passions for artistic expression and bulldogges. Touring insightout the couple stopped frequently, pointing out features of their kennel. Because the Bolestridges hand built both their home and the studio/kennel there is depth of thought and detail in each feature:


  • Climate controlled housing for the dogs
  • Mister fans in the outside yards
  • Ample acreage for generous, shaded runs and elimination yards
  • Professional kennel kitchen where raw food is prepared and served
  • Daily sanitation of kennel areas
  • Cross-fencing and individual kennel facilities for the necessary separation of the dogs

Besides these physical features, I soon learned that insightout puppies enjoyed other advantages:


  • A whelping kennel adjoining the house
  • Two nursery kennels where the puppies are taught to use a dog door and the elimination yard, thus the puppies had already started potty training.
  • Hand socialization, the Bolestridges spend time daily handling each puppy.
  • Basic obedience training, although I passed through several free roaming bulldogges, they remained calm and were responsive to commands

puppy paradise In talking with the insightout breeders I asked about their puppy philosophy and they both agreed that their goal was always to partner with the mother to raise the healthiest, happiest puppies possible. Knowing each dog’s needs and personalities intimately helps Dave and Bobbye achieve this goal. Whether it is hand feeding puppies to supplement a mother’s milk or separating an over eager mother from resting puppies, the stories illustrate plentiful individualized care.

In the afternoon Dave and Bobbye carried a litter of puppies to the terrace for supper and playtime. I lingered, caught by the rhythm of the land and the joyful romp of the puppies. Leaving the driveway, I glimpsed once again at the scene of puppies in paradise. On the way home the uneven county roads seemed less bothersome as I mulled over which beautiful bulldogge I would come back for.


- Paula Bramlett, Austin, TX